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With a HUGGER BRIDGE, You can look Better - Quicker!

41 Million People are Missing A Tooth! Why should you be one of them? 


  • Look better, quicker!
  • No Implants
  • No grinding teeth down
  • Quick, reliable, pain-free bridging of gaps
Ask Dr. Freeman how you can look better, quickly and painlessly, with a HUGGER BRIDGE before your next visit!
 Click on photo to see Before and AFTER pictures of the Hugger Bridge in Action!
Click on photo to enlarge
  • No discomfort or pain!
  • Made of a patented, nano-hybrid resin Hugger Bridges are long-lasting solutions to gaps and  missing teeth
  • Unequalled staying power when bonded with Hugger Adhesives
  • Excellent, tooth-colored alternative to ordinary bridges for strong, long-lasting restorations

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